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Jasek Internet Publishing

Jasek Internet Publishing operates in the field of internet publishing and web marketing.

Internet Publishing is the process of developing, designing and publishing web sites on the internet. The design and the content of these web sites is produced via HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, FTP and Javascript.

Web Marketing is based on the basic concept of marketing: market research, promoting, advertising and selling of products and services. Web marketing incorporates the use of these strategies and techniques and applies them on the internet. The process of informing customers about a new idea, product or service, acquiring new customers, keeping existing customers interested in a product or service, building a solid customer base is equally a part of web marketing as search engine optimization of web sites.

Affiliate Marketing is a sub-type of web marketing. Affiliate marketing is a commission-based model between two parties, the advertiser and the affiliate partner. The affiliate partner promotes and sells products or services of the advertiser on his own web site. If a product or service is purchased, the customer pays the advertiser directly, the affiliate partner receives a commission for this purchase.

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